​     Solar in Sudbury?

  • "On Grid" or Net Metering

    ​This option uses your panels to generate power which is then fed back to the distributer. They can either send you a cheque for the amount of power you generated or they take the amount you generated and subtract that amount off your bill every month.

  • "Off-Grid"

    ​This option includes an array of solar panels with battery backups and/or generator float charging capabilities. This scenario would be used if you are in a remote location where no power is available, or you simply want to be non reliant on your local power company

We can design and install solar energy systems ranging from 1 KW all the way to 100 KW depending on your needs or wants. We have many options available for solar systems in Sudbury, whether it be for your home/cottage or for your commercial building.

so you want to go green